The September 2021 edition of CQ-DATV is now available for download. When I opened this edition and read the editorial I saw this sad news:

In the 8 years of our magazine there have been in excess of half a million downloads, which makes us the most widely read ATV publication. This is no mean feat for the small production team who are now all eight years older than when we launched this publication! This is taking its toll and this is the penultimate issue! CQ­DATV 100 will be published next month and then we are going to rest this work. We have proved the demand is there and we have brought the ATV community closer together and proved that the support of a monthly magazine, freely available to everyone, is of immense value. The magazine works and we would love to see it continue but alas, we are and have been for some time, desperately in need of people to create, produce, contribute and proof read. We had hoped that others would join, but this has not happened.

All the previous work remain available for download, but right now would be a good time to load up if you want to preserve this outstanding publication for your own library.