I’ve been on the fence about ordering something like the Ettus USRP B205mini-i, an amazing little SDR that covers 70MHz - 6GHz. My outside the box SDR experience includes a number of dongles but my interests have started demanding higher-end solutions. I might have already ordered the USRP until I stumbled across the new Pluto+.

Pluto+ is a software-defined radio platform that also covers 70MHz - 6GHz while supporting 2TX 2RX, Gigabit Ethernet and a MicroSD card. This device is not manufactured by Analog Devices but the design was inherited from the well-known ADALM-PLUTO with several improvements - by a Chinese source.

There is a brief overview of the new device in a short video from Tech Minds and another video by Benno, PA3FBX.

I haven’t yet ordered this device but it seems a good fit for my purposes and at a third the cost of the Ettus USRP it seems a viable candidate for my needs.

Manufacturer Specifications:

Based on improvements of the ADI SDR, XC7Z010, 512M memory, 32M Flash, supports dual-receiving and dual-transmitting (AD9363 has been hacked into AD9361 by default), a 70MHz-6GHz full duplex transceiver, Gigabit Ethernet interface, TF Card expansion, support TF card startup. JTAG, UART, Microusb 2.0 and several GPIOs can be used as extensions.

A 40MHz voltage control temperature compensation crystal oscillator 0.5ppm and supports external clock input, you can switch the internal and external clocks through a jumper cap. Also reserved is a PTT button interface using optocoupler isolation.

Supports mainstream SDR software applications, SDR#, SDRconsole, HDSDR, SDRangle, spectrum analyzer and other software.

  • ADC/DAC: AD9363(Can hack to AD9361 or AD9364)
  • 2 Transmit, 2 Receive channel
  • RF Range: 70MHZ~6GHZ
  • Ref Clock: VCTCXO 40MHZ 0.5ppm
  • SOC: Zynq7010 FPGA:28k
  • RAM: 512M
  • FLASH: 32M
  • USB: 2.0 support OTG
  • Ethernet: 1000Mb
  • Micro SD can use to boot
  • DC IN: 5V +-0.5V-2A microUSB