The weather was good today though it was a lot warmer than the last few days. I think we got up to about 84F with lots of sunshine and it was breezy enough to be quite comfortable. I had ordered a pole-saw about a week ago and it arrived yesterday. It’s a lightweight battery powered chain saw on the end of a long pole that permits tree limbs as high as fourteen feet off the ground to be cut. The branches from the trees in the backyard have been making a bee-line for the house this year and it was getting a little claustrophobic back there.

It took less than an hour to assemble the saw and chop off the offending branches. That left me with an impressive pile of branches to be dealt with and that took another three hours to cut them up small enough to be burned in the fire pit.

All’s well that ends well and the backyard looks a whole lot better now.

Earlier this morning a buddy from across town had pinged me to ask if I could take some S-meter readings as he was experimenting with an antenna and wanted some comparative readings. I setup the KX3 with a battery on the patio with the 31-foot pole supporting a wire and we took some test readings.

That done, I figured there was no reason to take that all back inside at that point so while taking a few short breaks from the burn pile I managed to “hunt” a few POTA stations. This is always a special treat for me when I’m working from the backyard. I imagine these operators working from some interesting park using portable antennas and batteries and maybe even low-power gear in the great outdoors.

And here I am in my backyard hundreds of miles away doing the same thing. I think these operators are a little more motivated to listen for weak signals. The POTA spotting network is amazing and I don’t think I’ve yet been skunked when trying to find at least one activator.

This afternoon it was these four in the log:

I was running 10 watts CW with the KX3 and the Elecraft attached paddle. No headphones, just the internal speaker cranked up which permitted me to read the mail while cutting branches. I was finished with the yard work and back in the house by 5pm. Exhausted, hungry, and ready for a shower.

And that’s when I noticed the mailman had dropped this off:

I’m not sure when I’ll get to this little kit. I’m toast tonight and headed a hundred miles to a hamfest at 6:00am tomorrow.

I guess there really is no rest for the wicked…