Time to tear the old page off the calendar again as we have arrived at the start of another new month. The weather here moderated after having been pleasantly cool the first few days of autumn. We’ve fallen into a comfortable pattern of sunny and 75F during the daytime falling into the 50s overnight. It’s quite lovely having the windows wide-open nearly every day. I’m also reminded that there are probably just four to six weeks of decent weather remaining for any outdoor work, including antennas.

There are now 126 days until my retirement. Yes, I’m one of those guys who is keeping a running tally though it’s not quite the same as it would be if that were posted at my desk at work where it might serve to taunt younger co-workers still years from retirement. I’ve been working from home since the pandemic started and now that I think about it, this is the first thing I’ve actually missed by not going into the office.

I have a new late-night video addiction. I keep an iPad on the nightstand by the bed and usually watch a video before turning in. I’ve done this enough that I suppose it’s become a ritual.

No, I don’t watch ham radio videos. If I put “ham radio” in the YouTube search window the first million returns are vids about the end fed half-wave antenna. Yeah. 21st century hams have suddenly discovered that if you attach a wire to the end of a transceiver, and if band conditions are good enough, contacts with others can be made. Welcome to amateur radio in 1927!

Just imagine the eureka moment when modern hams finally discover the (shhhh…) d-i-p-o-l-e. I hope YouTube will be able to handle the crush of new content that will bring with it.

No, my late night video preference is related to camping in snow and blizzards. The colder the better, and it doesn’t have to be camping in a tent. It can be any kind of shelter from a tarp to a cabin to the back of a pick-up truck. Fortunately, YouTube is also awash in these vids as I have yet to come close to seeing them all. In the process, I stumbled across one creator who likes to hang out in a cabin during a blizzard, though he isn’t particularly roughing it.

Introducing Dale Calder

Dale Calder is an older fellow (like me) who lives on an island in the Maritime Provinces of Canada. He has a modern home and small farm that permits him to putter about and make videos about all different sorts of things.

He’s also built a small cabin just behind his house that looks quite comfortable. Several of his videos are of him spending the night in the cabin, especially when foul weather has been predicted. The cabin has a wood stove for heat and a propane cookstove where he makes many of the recipes he also shares with his viewers.

I find his casual demeanor and delivery to be both interesting and relaxing. He’s another video creator that I regularly follow and I think he might be popular with some of my readers too. Maybe start with this video before moving on to all the rest.

After you’ve seen the first million or so vids about the EFHW antenna of course, wouldn’t want you to miss any of that…