One of my favorite authors, Erik Larson, who has written several accounts of historical non-fiction including Thunderstruck (every radio enthusiast should read it), has crafted a new story.

No One Goes Alone

Erik’s first venture into fiction is an otherworldly tale of intrigue and the impossible that marshals his trademark approach to nonfiction to create something new: a ghost story thoroughly grounded in history. Pioneering psychologist William James leads an expedition to a remote isle in search of answers after a family inexplicably vanishes. Was the cause rooted in the physical world . . . or were there forces more paranormal and sinister at work? Available only as an audiobook, because as Erik says, ghost stories are best told aloud.

I downloaded this audio book as soon as it became available because it’s the season to listen to a scary ghost story. For now it remains untouched in my audio library waiting for the proper time (before the end of the month!) to crack it open and get creeped out.

If you listen before me, please, no spoilers!