The after-market for the Lab599 Discovery TX-500 continues to grow with even more accessories planned and available for the uniquely designed low-power portable HF transceiver.

First was the DL4KA Project, an integrated RF amplifier and automatic antenna tuner in a similar-sized body as the transceiver.

Now theQRPstore is offering a TX/PA frame that joins the amp and transceiver in a convenient piggy-back styled stand that’s available in light duty and heavy duty forms.

One other item of note, 50-feet of (small) coaxial cable with BNC connectors on both end on a plastic spool with a crank handle for faster deployment and take-down. It’s not currently for sale, but I suspect it may become yet another coveted accessory for portable ops who are always on the prowl for ways to make field work faster and easier to manage.

I have no connection (financial or otherwise) with either of these vendors, I’m just a happy TX-500 user who enjoys watching this project continue to grow and expand.