I’m at the back of a long line waiting for an Elecraft K4 transceiver when suddenly, the line begins to move…

I hadn’t been watching the roll-out of the new K4 too closely. Progress has been glacial. But recent signs that the pace of deliveries have started to pick-up are becoming apparent as the shipping status is now being updated frequently.

The new transceiver has been years in the making and was nearly ready for production about the time the pandemic clipped the supply line of almost everything, especially certain electronics, and that seemed to bring the project to a halt, or at least a long pause.

The K4 is my retirement present to myself and while I doubt mine will arrive in 114 days 16 hours 20 mins (my time to retirement) it now seems likely to be closer to that date than to “next summer” which was my guess based on the best known wait time when I placed my order.

It will mark a return to Elecraft for me having built a K2 (#524) way back in 1999 (I still have it!) and then a K1, KX1, and finally a KX3. I skipped the K3 line but I’m coming full-circle with the K4. It’s a transceiver that seems best matched to my operating style and I expect it to serve as my primary station for a deep run into my retirement.

Since there may still be six months or so until I expect a package to arrive, I’m in no particular hurry to sell-off all my current equipment, but I have started making preparations.

Photographing and rounding up all the accessories is a bit of a chore, but once that’s complete I will list everything for sale here first and then at all the usual online trading holes.

Unloading the IC-7610, IC-9700, and a boatload of matching accessories should carve out enough room to properly welcome the new K4 transceiver - whenever it arrives.