The 16th Annual ARRL Online Auction ended last night and I see that I won a couple items. No equipment for me this time, just a couple of old books. The event generally features QST “Product Review” items, vintage gear, classic books, novelties, and the ever-popular ARRL Lab “Mystery” boxes.

I ended up with a 1935 edition of the book, The Beginner’s Story of Radio by B. Francis Dashiell with a colophon that declared:

A clear and simple description of the fascinating mystery of Radio, written in words that are easily understood and avoiding complicated technicalities.

This book is written for the millions who, interested in radio, desire an intelligent understanding of what goes on within their receivers.

We especially recommend this book to the youth of America from whose ranks must be drawn men who will carry on, to ends now unimaginable, the work of the pioneers.

The other bid won was for a nice edition of Amateur Radio Stations of the United States which lists every valid amateur radio license issued thru June 30, 1931. The book was published by the US Department of Commerce.

These two seemed liked items I probably wouldn’t just happen across at an antique mall or hamfest. I probably paid a little more than what these were actually worth, but I look forward to adding them to my collection and it was for a good cause.

Proceeds from the yearly Online Auction go directly to ARRL’s education programs, including promoting activities to license new hams, strengthening Amateur Radio’s emergency service training, offering continuing technical and operating education, and creating instructional materials.