Heathkit spanned an entire generation of radio amateurs and left in its wake a lifetime of kit building memories that remain strong to this day. I came along at the tail-end of that generation and built new from kit an HW-7, HW-8, and HW-16 along with an HG-10B VFO. I later owned an HW-101 but I bought that one already assembled by another ham.

The company offered great value and an opportunity to be involved in the process of creation. It was the perfect embodiment of the ethos of amateur radio and succeeded at that until times changed and it no longer could.

When I saw the 3rd edition book from Chuck Penson, WA7ZZE - Heathkit A Guide to Amateur Radio Products become available I placed my order. It arrived yesterday and I was not disappointed. Not at all. This beautiful book is no lightweight, side-by-side it makes the ARRL Operating Manual look a little skinny and rivals the ARRL Handbook in its heft.

This book is the ultimate reference guide to Heathkit amateur radio equipment. This greatly expanded third edition contains every kit-form amateur radio product the company ever made (about 250) in 426 pages divided into 14 chapters.

Hundreds of sharp, clear, black and white photos include front, rear, and interior views, often accompanied by illustrations from the assembly manuals. The text includes a brief technical description with historical notes and context when appropriate.

Each product includes full specifications and references to reviews and modifications published in popular magazines of the day.

A 60-page introduction includes a profusely illustrated history of the company, with a foreword by former Heath Company executive vice president and general manager Chas Gilmore, W8IAI. 

Written for buyers, sellers, collectors, users, and those who just want to browse the Heath catalog again. If you loved Heathkits, you want this book in your shack. I suppose it could also make a great Christmas present for any true Heathkit fan, but better buy two - once you’ve seen it you won’t want to give it up…