The 2021 TAPR Board of Directors election is now complete and the results are available: Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI, George Byrkit, K9TRV, and Dan Babcock, N4XWE win with 32.7%, 23.6%, and 23.4% of the vote each, as follows:

  • Dan Babcock, N4XWE: 98 votes (23.4%)
  • George Byrkit, K9TRV: 99 votes (23.6%)
  • Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI: 137 votes (32.7%)
  • Mark Thompson, WB9QZB: 85 votes (20.3%)

TAPR is a community that provides leadership and resources to radio amateurs for the purpose of advancing the radio art.

The goals of TAPR are to 1) support R&D efforts in the area of amateur digital communications, 2) disseminate information on packet and digital communications, 3) provide affordable and useful kits for experimenters and hobbyists, 4) pursue and help advance the amateur art of communications, and 5) support publications, meetings, and standards in the area of amateur digital communications.

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