A recent update from the 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island, November 2022 team:

We have reached our first payment milestone for the Marama vessel contract. Today we have paid the first deposit, and with this payment we confirm our plans of activating the #2 most wanted entity Bouvet. We would like to thank each individual and club who has contributed to this payment with their upfront support, especially thanks to our Lead sponsor NCDXF.

There has also been some news from the team about their initial antenna planning:

We have run extensive HFTA analysis that shows our signals is predicated to be STRONG all over the planet. We will bring a mix of antennas with us with different material and technology. We have prepared a main antenna farm, backup antennas and a replacement strategy. We have focused on bringing quality products with us. You can expect our 160m top-loaded vertical to be 21 m tall and our Yagis will be 7 to 10m up on solid antenna masts that can withstand 35 to 44 m/s wind.

One of those antennas, the NEW InnovAntenna DXR3-Bouvet, a 20, 15 and 10 meter HF Yagi with 6 interlaced elements on a short 10.2 ft. (3.1m) boom with a maximum element length of 38.0 ft. (11.6m) and a turning radius of 19.4 ft. (5.9m), is built to handle high winds up to 107 mph (172 kph). It will be available for purchase in the US from DXEngineering later this year.

The antennas will soon be shipped to Norway for inspection and testing, we have a site off the west coast to test the equipment in harsh weather. Some low band verticals will be shipped to Arizona for assembling and testing, some Yagis will be shipped to New York, and finally top-band antennas will be sent to Hungary.

With a deposit having been made on the vessel and antennas being tested, the project now moves into an accelerated phase and though it remains a year away, we can practically see Bouvet Island in the viewfinder!

Let’s make it happen – support 3Y0J.