The scuttlebutt has been that 15 meters has been showing some signs of life in recent days and that kind of chatter got me taking a nostalgic trip thru my station log looking at my recent activity on the band. There wasn’t much to brag about over the last decade. The higher HF bands were downright stingy over the course of Cycle 24, especially to a guy with a hundred watts and a dipole.

But there was that time in November of 2014 when I worked ZD8O on Ascension Island. Not remarkable, it’s ranked 161 on the Most Wanted list today. Still, it’s an exotic taste of DX being an isolated volcanic island below the Equator in the South Atlantic Ocean. It’s roughly 1,000 miles (1,600 km) from the coast of Africa and 1,400 miles (2,300 km) from the coast of Brazil.

Wikipedia says the population there in 2016 was just 806 souls.

Marko, N5ZO was on the island for the CQ WW contest though I snagged him a few days earlier, before the CW contest got underway.

He confirmed a few days later via LoTW so I never requested a card. Right this moment I wish I had the paper to memorialize our contact, it looks like I can still order it for a couple bucks via OQRS, but that desire will probably subside in a few days.

I hope 15 meters comes roaring back to life as we move farther off the bottom of this cycle. I’ve worked plenty of good DX on that band, but that was so long ago that looking back through the logs was like looking at vacation photos in an old family picture album. I remember that stuff, but just barely.