November’s opening salvo brought the lowest morning temperature of the season. 34.5F when I got up this morning and the forecast for the next several days is for even colder mornings. No complaints from me about the plunging temps, but time is flying by as we race toward the end of a second year of life in the pandemic.

Let’s see, I’m down to 95 days until I retire. Sorry, I just have to work that countdown into the blog every chance I get.

The end of another month meant back-up work on the server last night. Sooner or later I’m going to automate that process. You could call me cheap since Linode offers to perform that service for $2.50 a month which is probably a great value for some Web sites. But given my blog resides in a single folder and backing it up is dirt simple and, I guess, not worth a couple of bucks a month to me. Maybe I am cheap?

I think we’re finally finished with all the planned conferences and symposia for another season. Thank goodness, I’m completely conference’d out and going outdoors even to rake leaves seems a much better way to spend the next few weekends. Well, that and the antenna work that’s ongoing and never seems to be finished.

This month brings with it a lot of ham radio action. The ARRL Sweepstakes (CW and SSB) and the CQWW CW are the biggies of course, but these are sandwiched in and around so much other on-air activity that hams may hardly have time to take note of the change in the weather.

At least until we start scraping ice off windshields…