Elecraft announced that it’s the end of the line for the KPA100, an internal amplifier for the still popular K2 transceiver. The original K2 was made available as a low-power only radio until a few years later when Elecraft released the KPA100 option:

We are sad to announce that due to obsolete parts issue, we will no longer offer the KPA100 internal amplifier kit that could be purchased with the K2 Transceiver Kit.  We started offering the KPA100 in 2002 and have sold over 2500 kits.  We are currently working on an alternative amplifier solution using our KXPA100 for K2 owners.

I built my K2 (#524) in 1999 and it served as the primary transceiver in my shack for the next ten years. I never did add the 100W option, but that combo was very popular and made for a highly-valued and useful amateur radio transceiver for the better part of a decade.

The November Elecraft Newsletter also pointed to higher prices coming this month due to lingering supply-chain issues:

By now you may have seen and heard the numerous communications regarding the impact the global pandemic is having on supply chains, and what has in turn resulted in price increases of raw material, parts, and transportation costs. Unfortunately, we have also been affected by these increases. Given this situation, we will be increasing prices of products across all product lines on November 15, 2021. Any orders before November 15, 2021 will be honored at the lower prices.

I’m still at the back of a long line waiting for my K4 but the latest update to the much watched (by K4 customers) Estimated Shipping Date shows continued progress on clearing the backlog. Slow and steady might win the race, but I’m just hoping to live long enough to get one in the shack!