Thanks to the efforts of Gedas, W8BYA, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana 10 GHz activity in the Midwest has taken a big step forward. He has inspired a lot of hams around this area to get on the air more often and it’s been fun to watch the action grow. There’s a group (Midwest Microwave) and a mailing list where the microwave crowd can hang out.

This group is primarily for helping uW ops in the Midwest area stay in touch with each other. But we welcome uW users from outside our region. Feel free to setup skeds, make announcements of band openings, equipment changes, or of general uW interest. Ask questions if help is needed and even list uW related items to sell (just don’t go overboard). Please try to limit OT messages and to try to keep the S/N ratio of posted messages high.

I learned of the group a few months ago when I stumbled across this video showing a 330km rain-scatter contact on 10 GHz and thought, “I could do that”. We have rain and snow (scatter) in abundance in these parts. Maybe I can do microwave work without being in the proximity of mountains?

Eclectic? Certainly. Cool? Hell yeah!