The number of Elecraft K4 transceivers now appearing in the wild is growing with at least 400 of them having been shipped so far based on the serial numbers. The shipping status page is being updated about every ten days or so and when it does, the list moves about two months forward.

All that to say that the delivery date for my K4 remains unknown though all this activity gives me reason to be hopeful even though I’m at nearly the tail-end of a really long line. Waters and Stanton, the UK distributor even commented positively this week on the upcoming availability of the new transceiver so I take that with guarded optimism.

There’s even a mailing list used to proffer guesses based on circumstantial evidence on when the units will be delivered.

I’ve managed my own K4 receipt anxiety by considering that the software is still being regularly updated so waiting a little longer means I should have a more mature product experience. I like to think that with hundreds of them now being put into daily use that the whole new complex radio shakedown process is being executed by many, many unpaid volunteers.

My own best guess on when my K4 will arrive?

Based on a lot of sketchy information I don’t expect to see it before March or April next year. With a couple of important DXpeditions planned for late 2022 and early 2023 I hope to have had the new transceiver long enough to have figured out how to use it properly before hitting the dogpile.

Fingers crossed that forest fires and problems with the electronics supply chain don’t again obstruct what seems a steady output from the overworked elves in Watsonville, California.