Over the course of the next few weeks ham radio enthusiasts will be hearing a lot about the Transatlantic Tests.

In December 1921, ARRL sent Paul F. Godley, 2ZE, as its representative to listen for amateur signals from North America during the Second Transatlantic Tests. Setting up his listening station in Ardrossan, on the west coast of Scotland, Godley received the signals of more than two dozen US amateur radio stations, the first on December 12 (UTC) from 1BCG in Connecticut.

That milestone is considered the beginning of “DX” for the amateur radio service and given the centennial of that event is quickly approaching, activities are lining up to celebrate it.

Like this one in Canada:

Beginning in mid-November 2021, the York Region Amateur Radio Club (YRARC) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first transatlantic Amateur Radio transmission by a Canadian Amateur. This took place on the evening of December 9, 1921 by Edward Rogers Senior using the call sign 3BP from the grounds of Pickering College in Newmarket, Ontario, in the heart of York Region.

Plenty more events like this are planned.

Take a look here and I’m certain you can find a reason to celebrate a hundred years of DX!