The IARU Region 1 Workshop on the Future of Amateur Radio yielded BIG goals seen as essential for future growth. I’m certain radio amateurs of all regions would embrace these as they are consistent with the messaging of other organizations interested in the future of the hobby. Almost as though these were taken from a coordinated global playbook and it’s a very good book!

There is a lot to digest here, go read the full document for yourself.

The focus is clear; we will use our radio spectrum as a playground for fun, education, and innovation. The intended results are compelling and summed up well by the stated vision for results in the coming decade:

“By 2031, amateur radio will be booming throughout Region 1. It will have evolved into one of the leading expert communities for science and technology enthusiasts. It will be justly respected and admired, both for the opportunities for self-development it offers and for the value it brings to society as a whole ”.

I intend to wear that phrase (“evolved into one of the leading expert communities for science and technology enthusiasts”) out over the coming months and years at

If we can’t achieve that, we need to find a new hobby!

Key values ​considered ​guiding principles and that should not be compromised:


Experiencing the magic of radio / electronics / wireless communications, as an adventure of a lifetime (for all ages), for personal interest only, not for commercial purposes. Amateur radio is not just fun: We are passionate about using electromagnetic communications and technology to achieve and improve ourselves. We enjoy personal interaction with like-minded people and we want to serve our society.


The global ham radio community is an inclusive environment without borders. The “HAM spirit” is used within the community and is a multicultural, apolitical, open-minded and tolerant concept where friendship is built around the world. In this community common interests are shared and developed.


The freedom to experiment. Curiosity-driven experimentation with communication technology and techniques, reusing existing techniques and improving them, understanding and exploring the physics of electromagnetic propagation.


A focus on creativity and innovation around cutting edge technology and an intense curiosity about what might be possible. Development of new techniques.


One of the foundations of amateur radio is continuous self-training and education within technologies and communications. Curiosity and the desire to break existing technical boundaries are strong drivers, as well as sharing knowledge within the community to educate and help others.


Promote interest in scientific and technological issues throughout society. Amateur radio also provides trained radio operators and radio engineers to companies. They provide logistical support and radio communication expertise in emergency situations and public events.