It seems the Dayton Hamvention will happen in 2022.

Having been canceled these last two years due to the global pandemic I’m a little skeptical, but making plans to attend. With the event still six months away who knows what the virus situation will be then? Still, the tickets are printed and the area hotels are booked solid so a lot of folks see this as a done-deal and I hope they’re right.

After avoiding large crowds for nearly two years I guess I will need to work up a little courage to get up close and personal with more than 30,000 others coming from points unknown with perhaps half of them vaccinated.

Many details are still in the works, but we know the Contest activities have moved from the Crowne Plaza in downtown Dayton out to the Hope Hotel near Wright-Patterson, a definite step-up in the accommodations and surroundings. It’s also a lot closer to Xenia.

Assuming I go, I’ll slip over to the fairgrounds on Friday, weather permitting, just to put an eyeball on whatever might be new and exciting in the world of ham radio. I don’t generally buy anything that requires hauling out of there these days. Ordering online with direct delivery is just too convenient to pass on.

Unless of course Unobtanium is discovered in the flea market…

It will be nice to catch-up with old friends and maybe shake the hands of a few of those adventurers destined for Bouvet, Crozet, and other exotic ports of call over the coming year.

These are real things, important aspects that have been lacking from the virtual hamfests that have tried to replace them with bits on a screen.

Ham radio is a real thing and I like to think the return to Dayton and other real hamfests, conferences, and meetings will mark the beginning of the end of the short-lived love affair many have had with these virtual hamfests during the days of Covid.