I ordered the AX2 portable 20M whip antenna from Elecraft yesterday.

I already have the multi-band AX1 with the 40M adapter and all the associated bits and bobs including a separate tripod mount that makes picnic table activation a snap. I’ve had good results with this short, low-power radiator that easily fits in a lunch bag and though it only covers a single band, the AX2 is even smaller so I wanted to take it for a spin.

Being this late in the season I’m less inclined to take it for a test drive deep in the field, but my favorite operating location remains the backyard where the first test-run will take place. It will be paired with the KX3 and I’ll set some target, like using only the AX2 for the next 50 contacts - or something like that.

It should go without saying that this is not a great antenna. If you have a place to toss a wire then do that, it will outperform these whip antennas. Small antennas like these aren’t magic and certainly are not the solution to antenna restrictions, etc.

The attraction for me is two-fold. First, I like that a picnic table can become an operating position in one minute. Plus, I appreciate the challenge that comes from using low-power and less than ideal antennas in unique situations.

Anything more than that and it’s just shooting fish in a barrel.