The long holiday weekend kept things busy and cheery around here and now comes the regular end of the month chores. I’d say the year is quickly coming to a conclusion but we always seem to say that. How about this, there are only 65 days until I retire. That’s a much more enjoyable (for me) calendar buoy!

I managed to skip all the Black Friday “deals” that were floating around last week though on Cyber Monday I did order the latest ARRL Handbook when they lowered the price to forty bucks for the six-volume set. Just a few weeks earlier I had purchased Volumes 1 & 2 of A History of QST. Had I waited I could have saved a few bucks. These arrived a week ago but I don’t plan to open them until Christmas.

The miniature Elecraft AX2 antenna arrived. I haven’t taken it to the field yet but that days is coming. It’s a shortened 20M antenna (as configured from the factory) that’s a little more robust (in my opinion) than the AX1 that I’ve used with success. When I get time for a proper shakedown test of the AX2 I’ll report here.

Speaking of Elecraft, my imaginary place in line for delivery of a K4 transceiver has been steadily improving. I’ve previously mentioned that the long delay has given rise to a mailing list where shared delivery and order data are regularly distilled into best guess scenarios. Last I looked, I might expect to receive mine in the March to April (2022) time frame.

Scientific? No. But what’s life without a little whimsy?