With year-end being just around the corner I’ve been trying to think of a smart way to archive posts annually. That would lighten the processing load given that every file in the main repository gets regenerated each time I create a new post. And with the number of posts made this year approaching two-hundred, well, it’s beginning to get a little unwieldy.

The output is all HTML and you would think it would be easy enough to simply remove the existing posts and begin with a new repository, but there are scenarios where some links and necessary configurations might get broken without putting enough thought in how to accomplish an annual archive.

It’s something I should have considered long ago though I never intended this to be an ongoing work. I figured I’d blog during the pandemic lockdown and then move along to something else when things got back to normal. But having received my Covid booster yesterday I’m not confident we will ever see normal again.

Our local hospital is reporting more Covid patients in the Emergency Room right now than they have bed space to handle and the National Guard just rolled up to help out with the triage.

Nearly two years on it certainly doesn’t feel like the situation has improved and even though I’m making plans to attend Hamvention five months from now, I wouldn’t bet a dollar it will actually take place. When it comes to making future plans the most accurate response to almost everything might be “who knows?”

I’ll work on a solution for annual archiving and you might see some busted links and a few other oddities while I work through the changes required to support that. Depending on how that proceeds you will either see new posts in the New Year or not.

Who knows?