This month amateur radio celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Transatlantic Tests - confirmation that ham radio signals were successfully copied across the Atlantic in 1921. It was a big deal then and the 100 year celebration has been a big deal too!

In December 1921, ARRL sent Paul F. Godley, 2ZE, as its representative to listen for amateur signals from North America during the Second Transatlantic Tests. Setting up his listening station in Ardrossan, on the west coast of Scotland, Godley received the signals of more than 2 dozen US amateur radio stations, the first on December 12 (UTC) from 1BCG in Connecticut, operated by members of the Radio Club of America.

The many planned events provided plenty of radio fun but I think most interesting to see was the syncronization of the front covers of both the ARRL and RSGB monthly publications for December.

Well done!