I’ve been under the weather this last week and am hoping for a healthy reset just in time for the weekend. I have a little Christmas shopping yet to complete along with endless other chores to do and there’s simply no time to be sick at this point in the holiday season…


I have previously mentioned an uptick in 10 GHz activity here in flyover country mostly thanks to the efforts of W8BYA and the Midwest Microwave online group that was formed a little more than a year ago.

Latest news from the group is that KA8ABR and N8CEI put a new 10 GHz beacon on the air from EM79 near Hamilton, Ohio. The CW beacon is located on a 100+ foot tower, running 3W to a 16 slot omni. Take a look at the hardware and then check out this video of W8BYA copying the beacon 168 km to the NNW of it. Here’s another video of him copying that beacon via rain scatter.

Not to be left out, VA3MW jumped on the 10 GHz wagon and made his first contact this week. Shortly before making that initial contact he shot this video of him copying the Mississauga beacon which, for the first time, gives me some interest in obtaining an ICOM IC-705 transceiver.

I’ve got high-hopes for microwaving in the New Year.