China’s newest amateur radio satellite is expected to be launched on December 25th. Includes a V/U linear transponder and interesting camera experiment. Don’t miss the link to the online user manual below.

From AMSAT News Service ANS-353:

CAMSAT’s XW-3 (CAS-9) satellite has been installed on the CZ-4C Y39 launch vehicle at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in China, and related work is in progress as planned.

If all goes well, the satellite will be launched on December 25, 2021, it is piggybacked on the rocket with governmental primary payload ZY-1(02E) earth resources satellite. The orbit will be a circular sun-synchronous orbit with an altitude of 770.1 kilometers and an inclination of 98.58 degrees, the orbital period is 100.14 minutes.

The user’s manual of the XW-3 (CAS-9) satellite for radio amateurs is available here.

Precise TLE will be available later.