I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We certainly did with all the kids and grandchildren in for a visit. Our family has grown into a small crowd. And they all took the opportunity to spend some time with my Dad, their Grandfather and Great-Grandfather who, at 95, was delighted to have so much youthful company stop by for a visit!

I’m off work this week without specific plans so I’m kicking around looking for something to keep me out of trouble between Christmas and New Year’s while Brenda still goes to work.

We will see how that plays out…

I registered for the Four Days in May QRP event today despite my doubts about whether or not the virus situation will be safe enough to attend such a large public gathering come May.

(Just a random question: do you suppose most radio amateurs are vaccinated? Based on the overall makeup of our fraternity I have no problem believing most hams to be ultra-right leaning in their political views and during this pandemic that has typically been the “side” most likely to object to vaccination and masks.)

It’s warm enough outside right now (65F) that I’m really thinking about heading to the park carrying something that will disturb the aether but the constant threat of a downpour is tempering my ambition in this regard.

Indiana state parks usher in the New Year with First Day Hikes on Jan. 1st. The guided hikes are organized by Indiana State Parks in cooperation with America’s State Parks, according to a release from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The First Day Hikes program was launched more than 20 years ago to foster healthy lifestyles and promote year-round recreation at state parks.

That will keep me out of trouble on Saturday, but until then I’ll need to find something else to prevent idle hands.