Another year has passed and while we seem to have plunged even deeper into the pandemic with no light seen at the end of the tunnel just yet, the calendar year reset always brings with it hope for a better tomorrow.

This is the point where I usually do a little prognostication about events to come in the New Year though I’ve mostly abandoned trying to read the tea leaves in such murky water. The best I can offer at this point is the obvious prediction that with the virus still raging there will doubtless be more hamfest and convention cancellations in 2022.

Same goes for DXpeditions where the most difficult part will continue to be passage to suitable drop-off points. All eyes are on Bouvet Island whose desolation might provide welcome respite from a global pandemic, but how many locked-down countries must be traversed in order to get the operators there?

Having just come off the least active radio year of my entire 45 years in the hobby there’s nowhere to go except up. My logbook barely filled two pages with 2021 activity, but I have some reason to be hopeful for a more prolific New Year on the air.

I’ll be retired in few more weeks and that’s reason enough to hope for more time on the air. Whenever I mention that I get the usual warnings from other retirees about how I will be busier when retired than when working which seems pretty far-fetched, but I’m taking that under advisement.

Fresh off my annual reading of Walden, the 1854 book written by Henry David Thoreau, I’m sufficiently chastised for backsliding into all manner of convenience and technology and now am eager to resume my minimalist radio journey. Readers should expect a lot more QRP and CW activity from me in this New Year.

Given that I’ll turn sixty-three in 2022 I have need to focus on health improvements. The quintessential New Year’s resolution, “weight loss and better health”, are given the usual lip-service each year, but with all that has transpired lately the time has come to get serious about this one. I won’t be able to blame “work” for not having time for exercise and better eating choices.

There are a number of writing projects, some have been in the works for years, that will finally be completed in the New Year. And I expect to resume creating audio content like Cornbread Road.

2022 won’t likely be the best year ever but let’s all hope that this new beginning will be be the first year of our comeback from this global pandemic that has impacted every one of us.

Happy New Year!