I really don’t like blogging about blogging…

But I made a few changes yesterday as part of the year-end archiving work on the site that deserves a mention.

The main page of the site typically is home to the last 30 entries, and that hasn’t changed. But it reflects the last 30 blog posts for the current year and since the year is new there isn’t much there. Yet. Complete archives for the current year are available from the Archive link at the top of each page.

All of the posts from 2021 remain in place and the direct access URLs for these are unchanged and unbroken. These can be accessed from a new link that appears on the Archive page directly under the “Search” title.

For the first time in nearly 20 years of blogging I’ve been satisfied with the content layout and there have been no major modifications to the look and feel of the site for an entire year and I don’t expect to make any changes for the foreseeable future.