The 2022 DX Marathon is underway!

The CQ Magazine sponsored event is a worldwide operating challenge. On January 1st of each year all scores are reset to zero and it begins again.

REMINDER: You have until 2359Z on January 5th to submit your 2021 log. The forms and instructions are available here.

The concept is simple. Work as many countries and CQ Zones as you can in each calendar year, regardless of the band or mode. Each country and zone counts only once, so you can concentrate on working new ones rather than working the same ones on multiple bands and modes. Awards are given for the top overall scores in four classes plus top scores in modes, bands, etc.

The “classes” are divided by power and antenna categories which levels the playing field for all involved. Clubs are strongly encouraged to use the framework of this contest for intramural and regional competitions. 

Plaques and certificates are awarded annually and it’s important enough to me that a plaque be given for the highest score using five watts or less that I sponsor that plaque and want you to win!

Logs must be submitted but QSLs are not required.

Complete rules for the 2022 event can be found here and I recommend you review the entire DX Marathon Web site as it includes many ideas and strategies for improving your score.

Given that it’s a year-long event operation can be a bit more enjoyable. You can take the time necessary to hone your skills as a world-class DXer. Scoring is simple and QSLs aren’t required.

It’s all of the fun of chasing DXCC without all the paperwork!