While supplies of the Discovery Lab599 TX-500 portable transceiver have remained somewhat constrained, the after-market for the low-powered radio continues to grow.

The rugged transceiver is perfectly suited for winter weather but I’m not and have moved my operation of it into the shack until spring. But with it perched on my operating desk the viewing angle is unacceptable using the supplied tilt-feet so I went looking for a suitable holder.

Having had a KX3 (similar format) for several years I’ve collected numerous stands and holders and while any of them would have worked, I decided to purchase a custom desktop holder for the unit from the QRP store online.

The TX-500 (desk) stand is as close to perfect as it gets. The 3D printed design looks every bit as rugged and modern as the transceiver. The color is well-matched and it provides optimum viewing that can be adjusted across a wide range of angles and the custom design of the holder keeps it out of the way of all the radio controls.

But it’s best feature is that the TX-500 “clips” into the holder. This is a huge advantage as it hugs the radio securely permitting operation of the controls without bumping or otherwise moving the radio.

Every other stand I own works by placing the hardware onto a “lip” that serves to prop up the transceiver into a more favorable viewing angle (though most are fixed) but these don’t actually grip the radio and the slightest bump can cause the whole thing to move or spill onto the desk.

It’s an excellent device and easy to recommend for anyone who wants to use the TX-500 in the shack or any semi-permanent location. I would post photos but several are available on the vendor site along with a video that further details the desk stand.

Field Stand

Extending the same approach to a stand (not yet available) that better supports the TX-500 in a variety of field settings I was given a prototype of the TX-500 Field Stand for evaluation.

It’s the same look and feel, along with the same solid grip on the transceiver but with a wider base for better support on a variety of surfaces that are likely to be encountered in the field.

This extra support comes in especially handy as its much easier for cables to be inadvertently yanked and pulled when operating in the field. See the photo below and compare and contrast this with the photos from the vendor Web site (above) for the desk stand.

This one is probably subject to change based on additional user feedback before it becomes available for purchase, but its utility is such that I intend to carry it to the field this season.

Keep an eye on the the QRP store for further developments and availability of this holder.