I’ve acquired another new telegraphic key from the workshop of Tony Baleno, N3ZN. It’s the third, and possibly final key that I wanted from the master craftsman before he gets any crazy ideas about retiring.

Previous N3ZN keys in my collection include a straight key and a single-paddle speed demon, both with a brass finish that I refer to as my weapons of brass destruction. These are excellent instruments that will remain in my collection to the end.

The latest acquisition is the ZN-9RZ, an attractive dual-paddle key that I ordered with a white and metallic blue finish.

N3ZN Keys, LLC

This is my line of high end iambic & single lever paddles and keys. They include ball bearing movement, magnetic lever arm return, solid silver contact points, and quick “adjust on the fly” contact and magnet screws. Along with short lightweight aluminum lever arms and the correct geometry, these paddles offer an excellent and responsive feel, making QRQ (or QRS and anything in between) operation effortless. All ZN products are MADE IN THE USA solely by Tony Baleno, N3ZN.