A rather uninspired performance in the K1USN SST on Sunday evening (Monday UTC) wrapped up my weekend on the radio. Band conditions were pretty unremarkable and while I usually spend more time on 20 meters in this one, I decided fairly early on that a switch to 40 was going to be required if I was going to break into double digits.

I ended the hour with 8 contacts on 20 meters and 9 contacts on 40 meters along with 6 multipliers on each band for a total score of 204, one of my poorest showings in this event.

Participation was way down this time, perhaps due to radio fatigue from the just concluded WPX contest or because it’s a long holiday weekend and a lot of people were away from home. Maybe both? Checking the online scores this morning there were less than a hundred reporting their results which is off the normal pace by a fairly wide margin.

On a side note, I attended the DX Dinner while at Hamvention a few weeks ago where, as it turned out, several members of the K1USN club who organize the SST were seated at the same table as I allowing me the privilege of meeting Pi, K1RV along with Tom, K1TH and Chuck, WS1L. What a special treat that was for me as these guys share sprint duties operating the K1USN call sign as operator “Watson” an I have worked them many times in this event.