It’s always enjoyable in the wake of a big contest weekend to watch the LoTW confirmations wash across the account.

4U1UN, the United Nations Headquarters station was the very first station I worked in the WPX CW contest last weekend. I wouldn’t call it “rare” but it is number 66 on the Club Log Most Wanted List and it was an all time new one for me so you can imagine my smile when confirmation for it hit my LoTW account.

And though it was my only ATNO of the contest, fifteen additional new LoTW QSLs bumped my DXCC Challenge totals a bit higher.

With the addition of a couple other non-contest related ATNO’s my DXCC totals now stands at 121 worked and 107 confirmed. It’s been a good week on the DX farm. My sincere thanks to all those worked and who have confirmed.

LoTW confirmations recently received include: 4U1UN, 9H1AE, SV5AZK, YL2KF, XQ3MCC, EA8AT, VK7DW, IZ8VYU, CE3SOC, IS0KNG, XE1CL, ZL1BQD, JA6BZI, 9K2NO, ER5DX, PZ2YT, SP7DE, OE3UKW, IZ8VYU, CR6K, HA1AH, DP6A, PR2E, LU5OM, AH6KO, FG1AG.