I’ve been spending more time than usual digging thru the log and have found multiple opportunities to collect some low-hanging fruit.

For instance, I’ve never paid much attention to the ARRL Triple-Play (WAS) award. It requires LoTW confirmation for working each of the 50 states using voice, CW, and digital modes. A quick check reveals I’m lacking only four phone contacts to qualify for this award. Missing are Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, and Utah.

I guess it’s time to find a microphone and see if I can collect this one yet this summer season. I’ve already missed this year’s state QSO parties for all except South Dakota (October), but Field Day is coming up and seems like a good opportunity to pick up a few select states. Maybe a phone only effort this year?

According to my log, phone accounts for less than 3% of all contacts made this year and I’d prefer a more balanced portfolio of operation.

I’ll be hanging this wallpaper before the next turning of the leaves…