I jumped into the Friday evening edition of the SST intent on redeeming my previous poor showing. Unfortunately, I was much more prepared than the bands and this adventure had fail written all over it. Fifteen minutes in I had worked just two stations, and it’s worth noting, these were the strongest signals heard on 20 meters. Everyone else was much weaker - almost like there was a solar event in progress. 40 meters was no better so I tossed in the towel and didn’t even report my two contacts.

After dinner I got an email from a buddy in Cincinnati who said six meters was open. I gave a look and sure enough, the Magic Band was filled with FT8 activity. Given that I need almost everything on the band I jumped in with both feet. It was easily the busiest I’ve seen the band since the advent of WSJT-X though it was devoid of DX, at least for me. I saw some calling a few J’s though I didn’t copy the DX. I did copy 4U1UN and called once without success.

My state and grid totals edged higher as the east coast was open first and I made a dozen contacts with stations in MA, CT, and ME. Not long after a path began to build for me into the upper midwest where I worked several stations in Minnesota, SD, and Manitoba. After that there were stations worked in OK and TX followed by a new path into the southeast.

It just kept going and soon I had 75 in the log and was getting tired of the keyboard activity though I could have kept going.

It reminded me of the time my Dad and I had gone crappie fishing on Tee Lake in Lewiston, Michigan and we caught so many fish that we literally got tired of taking them off the hook. We quit then too and last night was just like that.

Great opening, but no great DX for me and eventually I got tired of taking them off the hook. I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I closed the station with the 6 meter waterfall still filled with stations calling.

Now THAT was an all time new one for me…