I got lucky and booked a room at the Hope Hotel for Dayton 2023 despite the slight kerfuffle over the reservation process. Word had previously gone out to “not call the hotel prior to 9am” on June 6th. As it happened, the hotel began taking reservations at 7:30am and by 9:00am all the rooms with two beds were taken. By noon the hotel was sold-out which says something about the popularity of the venue and the events that take place there.

I don’t intend to visit the fairgrounds in Xenia next year though I am planning to attend some of the off-site activities conducted over the extended weekend. I’ve been to Hamvention 39 times and have concluded that’s enough for one lifetime.

With accommodations for 2023 covered, I still need to make a quick decision about whether to attend W9DXCC or W4DXCC later this year.

Or maybe neither, pending the virus situation.

Hamvention became a superspreader event last month with hundreds (thousands?) going home sick and I’m a little concerned about the potential for that to happen at these regional gatherings too. The infection rate had been skyrocketing in the weeks leading up to Hamvention though now they have started falling again.

Who knows where things will stand come September?