The heatwave that has been punishing the western United States has settled over the Heartland and from the looks of it, will stick around for several days. I did manage to get my 2.5 mile walk in this morning when it was a tad cooler, but I doubt I’ll make the effort tomorrow when it’s expected to be 99F. Severe thunderstorm warnings in the area for this evening so all the feed lines have been disconnected and things here are radio silent.

I subscribe to a few microwave mailing lists and the storms spawned by the heatwave have kept them popping with rainscatter opportunities at 10GHz.

I’m fortunate to live in a region where this facet of the hobby seems to be growing and I want to jump onboard too, which explains why I subscribe to those lists, but it’s such foreign territory for me that I’m not confident about getting started. I hope sooner or later to meet up with someone who will sufficiently enlighten me and I’ll be off on another new ham radio adventure.