If you like a good heat wave then you really should be enjoying this current bit of hell on earth. So far it’s been everything the weatherman said it would be. And while it’s easy enough to hide inside climate-controlled spaces for a few days, the extended forecast has this unnatural heat sticking around for at least the next ten days and you know what that means, a brutally hot Field Day.

The current local forecast is for mid to high 90F temps on the weekend of June 25-26. That’s not such bad news for me as I’ve been planning to do Field Day from my shack anyway. My goal is simple, I want to put 100 in the log during FD weekend using Phone only. It will be good practice for a mode that seldom makes a dent in my logbook, less than 2% so far this year.

Besides, I need just four contacts to complete the WAS Triple-Play award and I see that weekend as one possible opportunity to wrap it up. Missing on phone are AK, ID, SD, and UT. If I don’t knock out all four during FD then I’ll go the OMISS route (I’m #4381) and try to finish it that way.

2022 is all about wrapping up a lot of loose ends and this is another one that needs to be checked off the list.