My Field Day operation for 2022 went almost to plan. Working from the backyard using 50 watts and the portable CHA MPAS Lite antenna my intent was to put 100 Phone contacts in the log. That all worked as planned except it ended up being an all CW effort.

When the appointed hour arrived I had decided to test 20M with a quick CW contact or two and somehow that rolled into one after another until I saw that I was closing in on a hundred contacts after about three hours of work spent around a couple of breaks. With a hundred in the bank I decided to declare “success” and call it quits before I got any deeper into it.

Summary Results

First thing Sunday morning I submitted my totals to the ARRL and merged everything into my main log. LoTW wasn’t busy then as it processed the upload rather quickly for it being such a busy weekend of radio. And with that, another Field Day is in the can.

Random Thoughts on Field Day 2022

  • Boos and raspberries to those CW ops running 30-40wpm and spitting dits in every direction. They apparently don't understand what Field Day is or how diverse an audience tried to work them without success. You pop into FD running more than 30wpm and you're a LID. Plain and simple.
  • The bands (I used 40, 20, 15) were in decent shape although I experienced a lot of rapid QSB on 20 in the afternoon that made copy a little tougher. But even with my modest setup I managed to work the East coast, West coast, Canada, and Puerto Rico from here in Central Indiana.
  • The N3FJP logging software for Field Day was spectacular. It worked perfectly and not a hiccup was noted. I paid for the full package a few months ago which includes the main logging application plus access to all the contests and specialty events logging and I've never regretted it.
  • Jim, W1PID had the best low-impact Field Day setup imaginable. I'm going to copy his approach next year. I continue to invest in making my backyard more comfortable as I see it as the future of ham radio for me. 10 contacts from the backyard are worth 500 from the shack. Can't explain it, don't know why, but I suppose it's all mixed up with the joy that comes from playing radio in the great outdoors...