John, K9EL announced several months ago that he intended to step down as manager of the DX Marathon program and at that time no replacement had yet to be found. While it seems no one person will take his spot, plans are now underway for a transition to a team effort and they’re looking for more help:

Several months ago, I announced that I was stepping down from managing CQ’s DX Marathon after the 2022 DX Marathon is scored. Several interested parties contacted me and we had some frank discussions. Most felt that the Marathon was poised for some significant growth and that it was too much for one person to absorb. Mark, WC3W, has also forecasted some significant growth in the Marathon and has been working with me on a vision and mission statement along with some key positions descriptions that would allow for volunteer participation. Mark is willing to head up a team of volunteers who would manage the Marathon starting with the 2023 edition. By dividing up the work and responsibilities across the team, our growth plans and ideas can become a reality. I will remain involved and part of the team to assure a smooth transition. If you have any interest in participating and would like to join the new DX Marathon team, please contact Mark, WC3W. We would like to get this kicked off as soon as possible so that we will be ready for the 2023 Marathon year.