The 2022 IARU HF World Championship takes place this weekend. As you might imagine, the unprovoked aggression against Ukraine has drawn lines in the international amateur radio community.

Given the nature of personal radio, a hobby without borders, amateur radio always strives to remain above politics. That doesn’t mean that certain actions, especially the waging of an unprovoked aggression against innocent citizens shouldn’t provoke strong opinions and actions.

Czech contest team OL2HQ has decided to cancel its participation in IARU HF World Championship 2022. We refuse to take part in competition without our colleagues from Ukraine and make a QSO with aggressor stations at the same time.

Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society and LY0HQ team also has decided to cancel the operation in the 2022 IARU HF Championship as colleagues from Czech Republic did. And this comes from solidarity with Ukrainian radio amateurs who currently cannot represent their state in this Championship.

Others will likely follow suit and no matter how this event turns out, there should be an asterisk next to published results as this will not be a normal radiosport event.