It’s plenty toasty across these United States and along with the high humidity here my morning walk was a sweaty one. And having recently received a good dosing of rainfall I need to mow the lawn this morning before it gets too hot. Later today the dog has a visit to the vet scheduled and we’re supposed to get our second Covid booster shots this evening.

Retirement has afforded few spare moments of leisure as there always seems to be somewhere to go and something that needs doing…

I inadvertently left out a couple of notable items intended for yesterday’s post:

  • The FISTS Sprints are resuming on August 13th. Follow the link to bone up on all the details, some changes have been made.
  • ZL2TCM is back. After a long pause Charlie Morris is back at the workbench and creating new video content for his many radio projects.

I’m still trying to decide if KB6NU is looking for more clicks or if he has joined the culture wars, already in progress? He recently posted a bit about some local radio clubs opening meetings with a prayer and more recently complained about a Gil cartoon printed on an ARRL coffee mug.

The jist of the coffee mug story being that someone might have been offended by the cartoon from 75 years ago and included his admonition for the ARRL that ”it might be time to move on from Gil cartoons, especially for situations like this. Gil tells the story of a ham radio that used to be, but maybe not what we want it to be”.

Seems like pure political correctness to me which is why I’m leaning toward it being just a provocation – so I chimed in with an equally ridiculous notion about it.

See the comment section of his post for my response.