I’ve been a member of the GQRP Club for many years having joined from across the pond to gain access to their excellent quarterly publication, Sprat Magazine.

During many of the paper purges that takes place regularly here I’ve lost some of the older editions. So today I placed an order for “Sprat on a stick”, the publication in electronic format on a memory stick. The latest version (8th generation) covers issues 1-184, an amazingly deep resource to have on hand and readily accessible without the need to house the large printed back-log of actual magazines.

I also purchased a ticket for the livestream of the 2022 G-QRP Club Convention that will take place next month in the real world in parallel with the Telford Hamfest at the Harper Adams University just north of Telford in the UK. I hope to attend in person some day, but for now being able to attend virtually will have to do.

One of the oldest specialty clubs for low-power radio enthusiasts in the world, the G-QRP club was formed by Rev. George Dobbs G3RJV (SK) in 1974 and continues to enjoy healthy growth and participation these many years later.