I just received notice from Elecraft that the repairs on my KX3 were completed and the transceiver should arrive back here sometime next week. I had been warned by the company that repair times were running 15-20 weeks so I wasn’t expecting to get it back this soon. Seven weeks door-to-door and I will be happy to have it back in the shack in factory-fresh form.

Given that I intend to promote the KX3 to a more primary position in the shack I’ve been on the hunt for a better way to mount it. I’ve tried all the usual “stands” that simply prop up the radio without providing a rigid mounting for it. These all improve the desktop viewing angle but they slide all over the desk whenever I press a button or bump the VFO. I’d like to have it securely attached to a heavier frame and went looking for such when I asked for recommendations on the Elecraft-KX group.

Most of the replies received were about how to secure the radio to the “stand” using velcro, paper clips, etc. And there is a nice long thread about various mounting methods. But a couple of the replies received suggested the Side KX mount coupled with something like this. At least it looks a lot more promising than paper clips and bubblegum and I intend to acquire that hardware as it meets my criteria for a “solid” desktop holder.