I checked band conditions at first light this morning and things were about as dead as imagined. The space weather that made the local newspaper say catching a glimpse of the northern lights here in Central Indiana was a possibility put the whammy on the higher HF bands. Conditions had been pretty good for a couple days and my DX chasing had yielded a handful of ATNO’s and more than a dozen needed band slots.

I guess today will become another “no radio” day here while I attend to a few other pressing matters.

We got the 2nd Covid booster this morning and then went out for breakfast. There’s still plenty of fence painting, (technically water seal with a coastal grey finish), to be done so that will get some attention today as the weather is favorable for outdoor work.

Tomorrow’s forecast looks similar so I will put off mowing until then and rain will likely move in over the weekend.

Interesting tidbit about the booster shots received today.

We got them in the same building where I attended elementary school. It has long since been converted into a senior center and has remained a busy place having once been a focal point for youngsters and now serves them as oldsters.

When I mentioned to someone that I used to attend school there one lady there said something to the effect that “I remember someone saying this had once been a school…”

Yeah. I suddenly felt very old. It was 1964 when I began attending school there, but I kept that part to myself.

As it is it freaks the cashier out at our favorite Mexican restaurant every time I pay with my American Express card and they notice the “Member since ’82” embossed on the card. They almost always comment on that and usually get a good laugh at my expense.

Which might make you wonder why it’s still our “favorite” cantina, but hey, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and accept all those decades lived like badges of honor and order another margarita…