It has been a busy Labor Day weekend with our kids coming in from out of town to attend a baby shower for our daughter. The setup, event, and subsequent tear-down and meet-up back at our house on Saturday made for a full day. It was also successful considering my daughter and son-in-law went home with, among many other things, nearly a thousand disposable diapers!

Amidst all that commotion I still managed to slip outside with my phone to take advantage of the one-day online sale for the KM3KM mercuryAT high-powered automatic antenna tuner that should pair nicely with my long-awaited mercury IIIs amplifier whenever it arrives, probably in 2023.

The auto-tuner should arrive later this week.

Everyone cleared out late on Saturday evening and the rest of the three-day weekend was mostly quiet, except for the solar weather event that convinced me to stay off the air for a few days.

Schools are all in session now and this is the final weekend for all the local swimming holes. Summer still has a little life on the calendar, but the season has mostly passed and we are slowly winding our way to autumn.

It was 62F when I went for a walk this morning. Gray and overcast the air was wet with fog. It wasn’t enough to catch a chill, but with some leaves changing colors while others are falling to the ground the signs are everywhere that it’s high time to begin wrapping up the antenna projects.

October is less than a month away.