New book mentioned in the latest edition of the Zero Retries newsletter was compelling enough for me to order it from CQ Books. Probably weeks until it arrives and I read it, but if it’s as interesting as its description look for a review next month.

Playing With Meteors - Exploring the Universe With Amateur Radio
by Eric Nichols, KL7AJ

Wouldn’t it be a blast to be a master of technology rather than to be at its mercy? Or better yet, to actually create the next new thing? While it’s true that a lot of what we consider high-tech involves computer technology, an equal or greater part of the next new thing is going to involve wireless, also known as radio. In fact, or entire universe is connected by radio, and the entire universe is the radio amateur’s sandbox.

In Playing With Meteors, author Eric Nichols takes you on a tour of the opportunities that amateur radio can bring you, and how you can leverage the knowledge you gain in “hobby radio” to a career in hi-tech, or just to being smarter than your “smart devices”. 152 pages – 4-color title.