The Summer 2022 edition of the INDEXA newsletter (136) includes an article titled, Tips and Techniques to Enhance Your Operating and DX Skills. I found it interesting because instead of being the opinions of one notable DX enthusiast, it incorporates hints and tips from several well-known DXers and Contest operators in a single reference that is print-worthy and meant to be shared.

In February of 2022, I asked a group of well known DXers, contesters, and highly respected amateurs a simple question: If you could give one of your fellow hams some advice as to how they could improve their station or operating success and enjoyment, what would it be?

What followed were valuable nuggets of information vital to the success of any radio operator with an eye on DXCC. The replies were simple, common-sense answers that didn’t go down some high-cost path to success. Contrary to what you might think, none suggested buying an expensive new transceiver along with the latest amplifier. Quite the contrary in fact…

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