There is always a steady stream of those who get fed up with the banalities and heated politicization of the Twitter platform. The latest in my circle of ham radio friends to pull the plug is VA3QV who deleted his account a few days ago. He detailed his reasons for that decision in this recent post.

“If you follow me on Twitter you might of noticed my last tweet.  Before you ask… I’m fine and the family is fine…. I’m just getting tired of the amount of crap from all sources that do not relate to ham radio. You all have the right to speak your minds on any topic… But recent tweets coming from Canada and the USA about stuff that scares me or just plain sickens me have me figuring that perhaps its time to walk away from the more interactive side of Social Media”

Bob is just the tip of the iceberg. While there are those who obviously enjoy endless doomscrolling while feasting on controversies over the most idiotic bits of life (politics) and who are willing to commit endless hours of their lives to these meaningless pursuits, it can fray on the souls of those humans who have them.

The growing exodus from all forms of social media has been accelerating and perhaps that’s a good sign for the future?

Some will agree that social media is bad in general, but when it comes to amateur radio it can be a useful ally. Maybe that’s true, but I’ve noticed that almost none of my ham radio heroes have a Twitter or Facebook account. In fact, most don’t have a blog, podcast, video channel, or even a home page.

Damn. Something else to ponder…