When ICOM introduced the IC-705 a few years ago I chose to ignore it. I had too many QRP transceivers on the shelf as it was and the thing looked a little too delicate for me to imagine using it in the field. I’ve nothing agains ICOM, my entire shack is filled with their equipment. I was simply concerned that one gut-wrenching drop would instantly convert it from a thing of beauty into an expensive brick.

Now I find myself suddenly interested in obtaining one in order to facilitate my growing interest in VHF, UHF, and microwaves. It’s feature set and portable footprint make it nearly ideal for that use-case and the fact that it also includes HF is an added bonus.

My search for a used 705 wasn’t successful. I get it, no one wants to spend more than a kilobuck for anything only to give it away few months later. Still, I have a certain threshold for what may seem a “bargain”. If I can buy something new for a thousand bucks I might pay you six-hundred for your used unit, but any more than that and I’d prefer to just pay more and buy new leaving any of your potential headaches for someone else.

With no luck after a brief search for a deep discount in the used market, I checked for new at HRO and DX Engineering. Funny thing, HRO had none available where DXE had them in-stock and ready to ship. I placed an order and received notice that the new transceiver would arrive here on Friday.

Then in typical DXE fashion the notice was updated a few hours later to let me know to expect the shipment today. It’s why I keep going back to DX Engineering time after time…